Services of IT-Swiontek


Benefit from our many years of experience in training, consulting, consulting and coaching in the embedded environment.

time to market”.Everyone wants to get started on their embedded project as quickly as possible, saving time and money. In doing so, we can help to realize your goals together. In addition, they offer a diverse range of support, be it through training, advice and service. Which companies can we help?

  • StartUp Companies that have a great idea but do not know how to set a goal single-mindedly and which technologies to use.

  • Companies that have no employees for a new project. For these companies we can carry out the complete development.

  • Companies wishing to switch to new or different technology, e.g. from MFC to QT or from LINUX to Microsoft, but who have no experience with the new technology, we can also help there with suitable measures such as training and coaching.

  • Companies that have too few employees in the project to be ready on time. 

  • Project management tasks.

  • We can assist you in all project phases. From the start phase to the finished project.

You describe your software / hardware projects and we can tell you how and with which technologies you can successfully realize your projects.